The only possible way to unlock the constant motivation

how to get constant motivation

First of all, if you’re looking for motivation on YouTube videos, Quotes, and all that self –help non-sense, Then I think It is time to say goodbye to all of that bullshit!

Let me make a guess here,

1)            You watched a movie, Video, quote, or read a blog.

2)            You get pumped up.

3)            You start working your ass off.

4)            2-days

5)            4-days

6)            Or maybe a month and after that…

7)            It’s gone.

8)            You again started looking for motivation

This is how it becomes an endless loop of seeking motivation, But ….. Is it going to work?

Don’t worry, I got you, my friend! As I got myself a few months ago. No more bullshit, Let’s spill the truth!

If it is coming from outside, Motivation Is Crap!

If it is coming from inside you, It’s a Desire! It’s something all the successful people on this planet have!

So, let’s jump right into this….

4- Steps to unlock real motivation

1) Stop thinking

Not all days are rainy, Not all days are sunny. If you’re constantly thinking about why you can’t get motivated, Then you’re getting away from it.

Don’t think about elephants! Oops… you just did. It’s the same when it comes to motivation.

STOP Thinking! But how exactly? Let’s talk about it in the next point

2) Work

Okay! why do you need motivation? For work of-course!

How do you get motivation?    By doing work for sure!

And this is the answer you were looking for, brother/sister! “Work”

Your work is the only thing which should be constant, No matter what. You’ll automatically find yourself motivated when you have a “sense of achievement”.

3) Consistency

Your work can give you unbeatable confidence, Motivation, and self-belief only if done with consistency.

I’m soon going to spill my knowledge on this subject (consistency), Until then, The only way to be consistent is to define your goals, breaking them into small parts, and then acting upon them.

Consistency beats hard work but in order to win, You’ll need both.


4) Facing Challenges and taking calculated risks

“Your sense of achievement is a byproduct of your bravery”

No-one is born brave, We have to become one in order to survive. Your fears are the gateway to new opportunities and growth, You have to go through them.

Doing repetitive shit for years is not life dude! You have to find new challenges in your work.

That’s the only way!

In the end, The only piece of advice I have for you is to Find what you want to do, and The reason why you have to do.

It’s not for your friends, Not for the society you live in, Not for your parents, Not for your partner, Not for your kids but For you! Humanity has a greater purpose than just earning some piece of paper.

Find your purpose!

Greatness is coming!

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